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The ultimate resource for building your dream business with Kajabi was created to help course creators, coaches, and membership site owners grow their Kajabi business faster with high quality templates and tutorials.

Hi, I'm John!

For 10+ years, I've helped businesses of all sizes sell courses, coaching, digital downloads, memberships, software, events, summits, and professional services.

I first started using Kajabi back in 2010. I was really impressed, but I still needed a variety of tools to accomplish everything I wanted. As the years went on, I experimented with all the major platforms for my projects, and client launches.

In 2019, I noticed more and more of my clients using Kajabi. And I could see why. The Kajabi team was really expanding their feature set and becoming a true all-in-one platform.

It was super easy to use, and provided a lot of flexibility on what could be designed with their page builder.

I found myself really enjoying working inside of Kajabi, and not wanting to use any other platform. So, I made the decision to specialize and only work with clients who use Kajabi.

When Covid-19 hit there was massive wave of people wanting to start an online business, or bring their existing business online. I quickly became overwhelmed with client work and unable to help everyone who contacted me.

As the months went on, an idea slowly formed in my head. What if I could take 95% of what I do for my clients and package it up into a DIY system? I could help more people, and they wouldn't have to pay as much. After all, most of the work I did was repeated over and over for different clients. 

Once I started designing templates, I realized that just putting a bunch of Kajabi templates together wasn't going to solve the BIG problem most Kajabi users have.

It was clear to me that my clients, and a lot of Kajabi users, struggled to create new funnels for new lead magnets and new paid offers. 

Having a good looking page design wasn't enough. They needed guidance on how to configure all the different settings inside of Kajabi and connect all the pieces together so that everything worked, and didn't break.

That's when the lightbulb popped up over my head!

Instead of building another template marketplace that sold individual "themes", I could build a comprehensive library of "launch plans" that contained all the necessary templates and tutorials needed to achieve that objective (launch a webinar, online course, membership, ebook, coaching program, website, etc).

And I didn't want people to feel regret or frustration after their purchase if they changed their mind on which design style they liked. So, why not give everyone access to every template and design style?

That would remove all risk, and provide the greatest flexibility on what people could create and launch.

And just like that, was born.

The fast and easy way to build your online course, coaching, or membership business with Kajabi.

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